Stump Grinding

Southfork Complete Tree Removal | Stump Grinding

Tree removal is dangerous work and it is highly recommended to use only professional tree services like Southfork Tree & Landscaping because the necessary insurance, equipment and experience needed to safely cut down a tree. After the tree is safely removed it is time to deal with the stump by grinding it out or manually removing it. Tree stumps will rot when left in the ground after removing the tree; this can cause fungal diseases and insect infestations that will kill grass or other plants that are in the area. Stump grinding is the best way to properly remove left over tree stumps and ensure the decomposition of the root mass is optimal for the soil conditions.

Southfork Tree service owns several size stump grinders making Southfork the ideal solution for your stump grinding needs. Our professional tree technicians are experienced and trained to grind out all accessible root material and grade the soil to accommodate the nature layout of the landscape. The majority of the stumps grinding chips are removed; the rest of the grinding waste is mixed with existing soil and graded. Grass sod or seed is installed and covered correctly then watered heavily for best results.