St. Louis Tree Care

Southfork Tree & Landscaping LLC Tree Care

St. Louis area professional tree care technicians serve St. Louis by providing tree care, pruning, removal, disease identification and tree selection. Southfork tree takes pride in providing St. Louis and Saint Louis County with professional tree care services using qualified experienced technicians and premium tree care equipment. The owner, Douglas Alsip, is on site for every project and has years of experience with tree removal, installations, disease management and proper pruning techniques that keep your tree alive and healthy.

Tree care is necessary and important to a well maintained landscape for homes and businesses alike. Old growth trees are an asset to any landscape design as they are not easily replaced and are usually extremely expensive. Proper tree care includes pruning and trimming to help reduce crowding or ugly branches; this will increase nutrient flow to healthy limbs and allow the tree to naturally resist disease and insect damage. Early tree disease identification and treatment will not only save a tree but also increase the trees vitality and overall beauty. Landscape maintenance around the tree is also important for general tree care and includes trimming ground cover around tree, correct mulch and plant selection as to avoid planting invasive shrubs that may take over the tree.

Southfork Tree & Landscaping is St. Louis’s finest and most professional tree care service. Contact Douglas Alsip @ 314-843-8733 with any tree care questions or to schedule tree care services for your residential or commercial property.